This is a term that the market has abused for years! What we are really trying to say is that you are not what you eat, you are what you absorb. Nutrients are abundance and the question that must be asked is "can my body access the nutrients and put them to good use?" We use various propriety BioBlends that accelerate the absorption process and provide the value that you seek in consuming supplementation.

Benefits Of BioBlend Technology:


Aloe Vera increased the bio-availability of Vitamin C by 300%.  Aloe Vera prolonged the plasma concentration
of Vitamin E, especially after 8 hours.

Black Pepper Extract

Open Chemistry Journal, in 2016, published data that exhibits how Piperine from Piper nigrum L (black pepper extract) can increase bio-availability in Curcumin, Selenium.

Chelate Mineral Forms

Long-lasting all-day and all-night benefits as the curcumin is absorbed via the lipid barrier, thanks to our BioMS™ Technology

Why Choose LifeConverted?


LifeConverted takes all the best elements from ancient tradition, modern science, and the gifts of nature to bring you benefits you won’t find in other products. When ancient wisdom from past generations is combined with modern science, the end result is a product that can help the human body function at its highest capacity.


From hundreds of generations of collective cultural knowledge of natural compounds LifeConverted respects these traditions and believes they can contribute to the well-being of modern people just as they have been for our ancestors for millennia.


Science has given us so many advantages that our ancestors didn’t have; LifeConverted puts these years of research and study to use in integrating biotechnology into our products to supercharge the benefits already present in natural ingredients. The LC BioBlends are customised to each formulation to assure maximum efficacy. This combination of science and nature makes LifeConverted the most potent version of these substances available.


Our ancestors knew that nature had everything we needed to live long healthy lives. LifeConverted has strived to identify which naturally occurring elements our bodies most need to thrive, and we formulate it so the body can receive the regeneration, cleansing, and nutrition needed.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Try LifeConverted with NO risk whatsoever by taking advantage of our 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Try our products for 30 days and return the empty packaging if not completely satisfied to receive 100% of your money back.